CDi Coin Deposit System

CDi Coin Deposit System

The CDi Coin Deposit System offers a secure and reliable pay-in service for mixed denominations of bulk loose coin, which forms an integral part of an alternative delivery channel within Self-Service. Providing a convenient and flexible solution, the unique coin handling and counting technology allows for an accurate count of deposited coins.

The patented coin hopper cleaning system makes sure that all foreign bodies are separated from the coins, which ensures low maintenance costs and high machine availability.

The CDi can be configured as an off-line unit or as part of a fully integrated solution, providing real-time data capture and crediting of accounts.


  1. PCAP 15” touchscreen and simple user interface
  2. Reliable technology ensures maximum uptime
  3. Counts up to 20 different coin denominations
  4. Processing speed = 1,100 coins per minute
  5. Thermal printer (80mm) with cutter and retract
  6. Includes motorised card reader with card capture or DIP
  7. Deposited coins can be collected in a wheeled bin or an 8 bag system
  8. Designed to accommodate Disability Act compliance
  9. Optional onboard monitoring system continuously verifies live operational  status flagging issues in real-time and allowing for instant credit capab