Sorter 101

Sorter 101

General Features

– 5 modes of work: Denomination, Sorting, Orientation, Version, Serial number reading

– Adopted the cutting-edge CIS, DSP technology, and precision machinery manufacturing technology

– Automatic detecting of counterfeit banknotes by using Spectrum image, IR Image, Light Image, IR Penetration,

IR Reflflection, UV, Fluorescence, Magnetic, Metal thread, Serial number, Multipoint thickness measurement,

Digital encoding,… leading technology

– Can sort the banknote which is incomplete, damaged, holes, corner fold, pen marks, oil, overlapped, spliced,

tape or double banknote. Error code indicated and alarm sound when fifinding a fake note

– Identify the genuineness of banknote according to the fifirst-feeding note. Detect fifirst feeding counterfeit


– Super LED display, additional LED display

– Automatic start-up, stop and clearing, self-checking after being switched on.

– Adjust sensitivity directly on the control panel. Automatic storage. Restorable to default settings.

– Software upgradable via internet or USB