Sorter 301

Sorter 301

General Features

– 5 modes of work: Fitness, Denomination, Sorting, Orientation, Version, Serial number reading

– Fitness Sorting: the old & new degree is adjustable as you need. The function is stable and reliable for sorting

out damaged notes, fifit notes and ATM notes. Big improvement on the work effificiency

– Denomination Sorting: Banknotes of different denominations will come out from corresponding stacker. Fast

and quick.

– Orientation Sorting: Banknotes of different orientations will be arranged in the same direction after sorting.

– Version Sorting: for sorting the different versions of banknotes (new & old emission,….)

– Recognize Serial Number: machine can save the serial number and the image of the note on real time.

– Batch Setting: Each stacker can do batch setting. The maximum quantity is 500 notes.