The XDi Express Deposit Solution is a lobby self-service bag deposit device – also known as intelligent night safe – designed to accept large deposits of cash and cheques in tamper-evident, barcoded bags.
Customers no longer have to wait in line and at the branch counter or cash office while their money is counted. A full bag deposit transaction takes less than 30 seconds. All paperwork is automated and each transaction recorded in detail, identified by account ID, timestamp and barcode. An acknowledgment slip is provided to the customer for peace of mind. Bags are collected in a large deposit box for later processing and verification.
Fully customisable, the XDi Express Deposit range includes a lobby, in-the-wall or external through-the-wall solutions, providing banks, CIT providers and transport companies with an automated 24/7 deposit facility that allows them to better serve their customers.


Large touchscreen completes a user-friendly interface, making transactions easy to conduct.
The XDi’s onboard monitoring system continuously verifies live operational status and flags issues in real-time, which keeps downtime to a minimum and enables problems to be fixed quickly.
With enhanced security features, branches and customers alike can conduct transactions with minimised cash exposure.
High capacity safe, leading to minimum staff interference and maximum efficiency.