Express Deposit & Change


The XDCi Solution is the combination of two self-service banking solutions: the exchange of high denomination banknotes into rolled coins and low denomination banknotes (BCi), and the acceptance of high-value business deposits in tamper-evident barcoded bags (XDi).

By deploying this solution, public, financial and commercial institutions will be able to provide their business customers with a complete, fast, self-service cash handling solution 24/7, while saving a great deal on footprint and maintenance costs.


  1. SVGA 15″ LCD with touchscreen and simple user interface
  2. Reliable technology ensures maximum uptime
  3. Capable of dispensing up to eight (8) denominations of rolled coins, as well as three (3) banknote denominations, in a single transaction (K506)
  4. 4-way acceptor + storage cassette
  5. Secure deposit chute accepts bags up to 330 x 260 x 70mm
  6. Security safe with separate doors for access to deposits and change
  7. Designed to accommodate Disability Act compliance
  8. Optional on-board monitoring system continuously verifies live operational  status and flags issues in real-time, minimising downtime by allowing an immediate response.