IT & Hardware Protection

IT & Hardware Protection

Keeping a  with abreast with changing digital technology, we assist cashier to get digital marketing software and hardware to enhance their business

There are several steps we take to provide security and protect to your computers hardwares. we install and use security software, we back up your system regularly, another thing is protecting your hardwares and updating your programs regularly.

Keeping abreast with changing degree technology, we assist cashiers to get digital marketing software and hardware to enhance their business.

List of Best Digital Signage Software

Digital signage platforms come in various features and capabilities. Here are some of our the best options on the market:

Yodeck: A cloud-based digital signage software that makes it easy to publish your content wherever you are. Aside from various media content, it also includes free widgets that can display dynamic information such as a clock, weather, social media feeds, slideshow, and more. You can even offer a WiFi share capability for your customers.

OnSign TV: This professional signage platform allows you to develop dynamic content using apps, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, social media posts, and more. Additionally, you can schedule your marketing efforts to take advantage of various opportunities. It also allows you to publish content based on regions and zones.

Scala Digital Signage: Scala does not only offer digital signage software but an entire service from hardware to apps. They provide personalized digital experiences, which include automation. The app also offers ordering display systems, service automation, and other cutting-edge signage technology.

Play Digital Signage: A software that includes a content creation functionality where you can add text, colors, images, videos, plugins, and more. The editor includes various tools so you can develop content easily and quickly. Furthermore, it includes built-in analytics that can tell you the performance of each display.

Broadsign: This company offers various cloud-based signage solutions, which include Broadsign Control, Broadsign Direct, and Broadsign Publish. These functionalities allow you to manage your content and network. It also includes an easy-to-learn editor where you can customize your media.


ScreenCloud: A system that makes it easy for you to create and control the content on one or many screens. You can set up smart schedules and create expiration for your content to ensure that it is always fresh. You can even create channels based on topic or teams.


Enplug Digital Signage: This platform promises to make it easy to scale your marketing and sales communication. It includes a robust social media wall that pulls content from various platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, RSS, and more. It comes with custom color themes, which means you do not have to create your content from scratch.


Raydiant Screen Signage: A digital signage application that can turn any TV into beautiful, interactive signage. It includes solutions for single-location, multi-location, and enterprise businesses. The set-up takes less than five minutes, which means you can start publishing your content right away. It comes with a dashboard that makes it easy to manage and create content for one or multiple screens.

Rise Vision Digital Signage: A  platform offering a flexible solution that allows you to publish content beyond marketing and sales. You can create announcements, welcome signs, alerts, and more. It also comes with customizable templates that will make your content eye-catching and dynamic.


ScreenScape: This digital signage system is a plug-and-play solution, which means you will not run into any compatibility issues with your screens. It includes a robust asset management system that you can connect to your Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Aside from software solutions, ScreenScape also offers hardware for any type of digital signage